Bonjour! My name is Lea Dabssi, and I’m a 22-year old woman based in Nantes, France.

Since I was young, I’ve always had a passion for art, animals, and nature and been captivated by animation in particular. Since then, I’ve worked every day to improve as an artist and develop my visual identity until I entered New3Dge art school in Paris.

There, I studied concept art, storyboard, animation, and 3D modeling for two years, which eventually led to me getting my first industry job in 2016. In the past four years, I worked with many amazing people on video game concept art and various animation projects for both television and feature films.

My biggest artistic asset is my capacity to create well-defined characters and their own unique universes. When working, my greatest strength is my efficiency, and I always meet the needs of my supervisors quickly and comprehensively.

On top of that, I'm a positive person who’s easy to work with, and I easily get along with my team! My hobbies include drawing fan art from my favorite shows and playing the piano, and I also love to take care of my pets and go on long walks in the forest with my dog.


Dream Logic Upcoming Animation Short Character Designer
Boulder Media/Hasbro/Paramount Upcoming Animation Feature Character Designer
B.Water Animations Treasure Trekker Character Designer
Sweet Punk Société Générale Mascot Character Designer
Wooga Dragon Adventures Concept Artist
FunPlus FamilyFarm Concept Artist